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He accused me of flashing gang signs. He was a real pain as police union head. You do that and I will publicly reject your appointment. You know I can overrule you. I wonder how long Harteau, one of a small group of high-profile female police chiefs in major U. A goal realized: His mother abandoned him. Then his single-parent father, who had no health insurance, could no longer work after suffering a heart attack and a stroke.

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They lost their home. This young man became homeless again after the home of a distant relative he was living with was foreclosed. Still, he juggled college-level classes at Henry Sibley High School in Mendota Heights while taking two buses and walking several miles most days to visit his father at a nursing home and attend classes. Fundraisers were held to defray medical costs. A family opened up their home to Ledezma. Perhaps you find it embarrassing and undignifying because you know that as soon as your parents get out the belt you will do anything that they say.

Not as tough as you want to be, are you Carl? Mr Powers! He was the same height as Sherlock but he looked older, like he was fourteen or something. He had dark hair and eyes that seemed to be assessing everything. Sherlock met his eyes and knew immediately that Jim was smarter than he appeared to be. There was a sharp look about his eyes, like he was planning your death.

Sherlock began to wonder whether saving this kid from Carl was a good idea. He laughs at me a lot. Sherlock shivered and quickly walked away. If there was one thing that Sherlock was good at apart from using his brain, it would be sport. Unlike Mycroft, Sherlock was fit and a fast runner. Professor Xander often encouraged Sherlock to compete in sports. Until the day of the Swimming Carnival. Sherlock decided, out of impulse, to compete in the breast stroke race.

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He would be up against the best swimmers in his grade, including Carl Powers, but Sherlock decided he stood a fair chance. Besides, the opportunity to beat Carl Powers was too good to pass up.

Sherlock stood near the pool in his swimmers, watching everyone else get ready. He felt like he was being watched. He looked up to the seats where his parents and Mycroft were sitting. Looking around, Sherlock met the eyes of the kid named Jim. He was watching Sherlock closely. Sherlock ignored him and got ready to jump.

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It seemed to take forever until- bang! He started swimming faster than he ever had before. He was going to win! He was going to beat Carl Powers! In no time at all, Sherlock had reached the other side of the pool. He dived down and kicked off to complete his lap.

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For once, Sherlock felt like he was finally on top of something. That was when the first screams started.

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Surprised, Sherlock swallowed a mouthful of water and stopped swimming. Coughing, he started treading water, looking around to see what everyone was yelling and screaming about. There- a few metres behind Sherlock in the pool. Something was floating. Sherlock blinked in surprise when he realised it was one of the students floating face down in the water. It was Carl Powers and he was clearly dead. Carl was a strong swimmer so there was no way he would have just drowned like that.

So how? How was he dead a couple of metres away from Sherlock? Perhaps the boy had suffered a medical episode? Like a fit or a seizure? No, no, no, Sherlock was sure he would have seen the symptoms of epilepsy in Carl. Allergic reaction? Highly improbable- Carl had swam in this pool before. He hears a thud.

I seriously love this song. The combination of the dubstep-esque sounds and his vocals just make me want to dance. Be prepared. In one chapter this fic will make you the happiest person in the world and then it will make you want to use a whole box of tissues. This reminds me of medicine and medical school in so many ways. The past few months have involved a lot of studying. You can easily spend hours trying to learn different concepts and memorize little things. And its easy to get stressed about not knowing the material.

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You forget how interesting the material is. We get to see patients and remember why we are in medical school in the first place, to help people. Log in Sign up. Far's art Mer! Danny Phantom my art fanart Treading Water The Full Catastrophe I know there are other pictures of Danny as a merman but I intentionally avoided using them as reference both because he looks different in this fic and because I wanted to interpret him for myself. Treading Water Alex Clare.