The Sex Chronicles: Couples Only: Fetish Tales

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Skip to content My Stories Let me start by plugging my own writing.

Romance, Erotica and the 50 Shades of Grey in Between

Femdom fiction sites These are a few specialist sites with only femdom fiction. Amityworld has a collection of fun femdom stories.

Carmenica Diaz has a collection of ebooks that require payment but also a number of good free stories. James Pendergrass has written numerous femdom stories, with a lot of humiliation and teasing themes. Others can be purchased via lulu. Rogers is worth reading. Sadly it looks like he got into an argument with the site owners and the story remains unfinished. Abe Froman has some interesting stories focused around bondage, humiliation and mind control. BoundStories As the name suggests this is a site slanted to general bondage rather than femdom.

For a more slow building story, with less over the top elements, check out A Place To Stay. A Sudden Mistress is a fun tease and denial story, with some bondage and chastity training mixed in. The Donor is another tease and denial story, this time with added nurses and mummification. Fictionmania If you like transgender femdom fiction then fictionmania is the place to go. I am sure he is somewhere, at this very second, trying to convince a sister to drop her drawers. Lincoln, ironically since he was the one trying to fuck everything moving, was the most difficult to get rid of.

He was so full of himself and so conceited that he never fathomed that I would dump him after he cheated. To this day, he still emails me and even tried to get me to join his network on Facebook. No way, not me. Lincoln broke the cardinal rule: he tried to creep out on me during Christmastime. Every real player knows that you keep your ass home on holidays. He tried to make me believe that he was meeting his best friend, Chris, in Denver to go skiing. When a massive snowstorm hit and the Denver airport was shut down, he still insisted on going, stating that he did not want to disappoint Chris and that the airport would probably open back up.

His stupid ass ended up stranded in the Chicago airport on a layover for two days. He finally made it back home with his tail tucked between his legs. By that time, I had gone through his cell phone bills and, lo and behold, he had been conversing with some hooker candidate named Bonnie for months. He had been sweating pussy on the internet, surely having met her on MySpace where he spent hours a day, and was trying to go collect his award for putting in so much email and phone time. A lot of people go on the internet to flirt and call it a day. It is a breeding ground for adults seeking out dick and pussy all over the globe.

I must admit that I found it fascinating, which is how my double life first came about. I went into a chat room a couple of years ago and even though my profile was a skeleton with nothing intriguing to make someone approach me, men instantly starting blowing up my screen with instant messages. They would ask my name, and there was not a chance in hell that I was going to say that I was Patience James.

That is when Zane was born. I had always thought that name sounded cool. I embrace every day aboveground as a gift so it actually fits me to some degree, even though the selection for that reason was unintentional. I met this guy named Marshall in a chat room. He was from Atlanta and we started flirting. Then he asked me to cyber, and I had no clue what he was talking about until he sent me a link to a private room and started typing shit about blowing my back out. I thought it was hilarious and wondered if he was actually getting off on the other side of his computer. I played along and typed all kinds of nasty things, about licking him from head to toe and riding his dick.

My Stories

He asked for my number, and that was when I exited the room. Not the kid.

Marshall could have been an ax murderer and I was not about to find out. Granted, I was kind of in the middle of a dick drought at the time. Not because I could not find any men to take me to bed but because when I allowed it, they either disappointed me by not living up to my fantasies or they broke my zero-bullshit-tolerance policy and did or said something stupid. I find that to be totally disrespectful and will not occupy my time with Jerry Springer nonsense. I watch the show because it lets me know how many women are really stressing over men who probably would not spit on them if their asses were on fire.

I realized that there are a ton of women who are completely confused about relationships and their sensuality. So … I started writing my fantasies on the computer. Stories about hot, enticing relationships where feelings and efforts are reciprocated. The first story that I ever wrote was called First Night. I fantasized about meeting up with that fellow Marshall, whom I had cybered with but would not give my phone number.

We rode up the coast of Maine on the back of a motorcycle, checked into a romantic bed-and-breakfast, and made love on the balcony. I posted it on my free web page provided by my internet host and people went absolutely bananas. Strangers started emailing me, asking to be put on my mailing list. They said it was the hottest shit they had ever read. I thought it was amusing and wrote two more stories, The Seduction and The Airport.

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Within three weeks, I had eight thousand hits from word-of-mouth before my provider took the pages down for vulgarity. We became friends, albeit only via email.

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I was Zane and they were whatever fake name they were using. Eventually I started Eroticanoir. This action might not be possible to undo.

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Create a List. Sex Chronicles by Zane. Summary New York Times bestselling author Zane presents a tantalizing short story collection, Zane's Sex Chronicles , which is now the basis of the Cinemax series Zane's Sex Chronicles -- the first urban erotic series on television.

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