The Intentional Leader

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This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency blog. For more content like this, subscribe to Agency. To help you maintain your sanity and get you to where you want to be, here are three key areas to consider with as you lead your company, your people, and your clients.

This goes first.

The Intentional Leader Program

Self-care can be tough to make time for. People often create self-care regimens that they hate, that have no oomph!

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And then they beat themselves up for not being able to maintain them, which just exhausts them more. Your mission? And create space for it. Intentional breathing, more water, stretching, moving first thing in the morning as opposed to rushing straight to email , setting intentions for how you want to feel, yoga, walking, a little more greens on your plate Make it easy.

Intentional Leader: An Executive Leadership Program

Your presence is your impact. The minute you walk into the room, you are setting the tone. Before you even walk into the room, get on a call, meet with a client, give that employee feedback, or have that tough conversation with your kid, take the opportunity to reboot and create your intention. How do I want to show up?

The Intentional Leader: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Leadership Development

How do I want them to experience me? Bonus move? Phones and laptops down, attention and presence right here, right now, in this moment, with them. After all, our presence creates our impact. I spoke with someone today who had 42 meetings this week. He probably needed to be in about 20 of them, maybe.

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And half of those could have been more efficient. How can you change this? Regardless of your challenges as a leader right now, pick one or all of these areas to play with and see what changes in your daily interactions. Any shift you make will have a ripple effect on others.

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Find out today. Take our Change Survey. We can help you determine if you ready for change and help you decide where to start. Looking for a dynamic, down-to-earth speaker for your next corporate retreat or event?

Intentional Leaders Are Not Victims of Circumstance

Carlos Sabbagh has a long list of speaking topics to inspire your team. Intentional Leadership works best if your whole team understands the system and is onboard. Invite Carlos to facilitate a great experience for your group. A number of topics are available. Learn More. Are you ready for real change? For a six months or longer, Carlos will come onsite to work through every silo and process in your organization.

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The feedback we received from all participants on your presentation of the material was outstanding! I am always practicing The Intentional Leader concepts. I get outstanding results and I feel I am learning and growing.