The Black Queen: The Sixth Book of The Fey

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I have but one request - to take my place at your side. To resume my duty as your knight, and to protect you and your kingdom for as long as I draw breath.

He is the dream guy of any girl. As we knew Ash has an icy cold barrier surrounding his heart which beats for Meghan, the only girl whose touch has melted the ice away. But in this book we also felt the warmth of his heart too, haunted by guilt, torn between past and present, we felt his nightmares, his pain, his love and fierce devotion for the one girl, we saw the true Ash who sometime can be vulnerable. Puck is as always dynamic, brought smile into my lips throughout the whole book. In spite of his all attempts to hide his emotional distress I felt his pain of losing the one and only girl he has ever loved to the person he shared a cold enmity for centuries.

The Black Queen : The Sixth Book of the Fey

I tried hard to refrain my tears each and every time I realized how much torture it is for Puck to wear a mask of fake smile while his is heart is burning in pain. He never showed how much he felt guilty for bearing the death of Ariella on his conscience, we realized his grief of losing Arilla and his pain of losing his best friend. He fought off every obstacle, every danger shoulder in shoulder with Ash, without Puck, the story is incomplete. Turning Point Bringing Ariella back was the most surprising element of the story, she just made a big place in my heart.

I sucked my breath, tried hard to hold back my tears to watch her to sacrifice herself so that Ash can be with his love. She loved Ash soooo much, still she never let her love came into his way. How can I forget cute Grim, Awwwww, I love you.

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Without you Ash and Puck would be lost, You are the most wise, witty guide and loyal friend. This book is a heart wrenching romantic fantasy novel, it took my breath away.

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Thank you very much Julie Kagawa for such a wonderful gift. This whole series will remain forever in core of my heart. Sep 15, shady boots WatchPOSE rated it it was amazing Shelves: covergasm , oh-my-god-marry-me , masterpiece , all-time-faves , heroines-i-adore , heroes-i-adore , i-just-have-a-lot-of-feelings. See my review of the entire series on my blog! This series is easily my most favorite series of all time.

And Ashallayn'darkmyr Tallyn is easily the best hero in all of YA fantasy. Just when I thought I couldn't love him more, I read this book. I realize now that love is an understatement for what I feel about Ash.

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There wasn't a single part of this book that disappointed me. And the ending Thank you See my review of the entire series on my blog! Thank you Julie Kagawa for giving me the ending that I was desperately craving for.

Welcome to the World of The Fey

Five stars is barely enough for this book, as also for the rest of the books in this series. Actually, five stars is kind of an insult. But I cannot wait for the spin-off, starring Ethan, Meghan's brother. So excited for that, I can't even tell you. Julie Kagawa?

View all 53 comments. Sep 11, Maja The Nocturnal Library rated it liked it Shelves: never-saw-it-coming , male-pov , netgalley , reviewed-in , all-the-right-choices , annoying-love-triangle , the-fae-are-so-scary , young-adult. Those of you who've read it know all about the beautiful romance, the fierce battle and the bittersweet ending that ensued. I suspect many of her fans were unhappy with the way Kagawa wrapped things up. In fact, some were probably even outraged, but not me — I loved it.

A fourth book, written from Prince Ash's point of view, could only mean a different ending for him and Meghan. The Iron Knight is an adventure novel. Reaching the end of the Nevernever means almost certain death for them all, but Ash swore an oath that compels him to move forward. How very dramatic. I'm obviously not a huge fan of love triangles and I was very upset that Julie Kagawa felt the need to add another one to this story, no matter how well she resolved it in the end.

I also had some minor issues with the quest itself. To be honest, I found it a little boring at times and more suitable for year-old boys. BUT there were parts that were fabulous and compelling, and they evened things out a bit.

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Worldbuilding is the strong point of this book. This time, Kagawa removed her characters from the comfort of both Summer And Winter Courts and built for them a completely new and very creepy challenge called the Deep Wyld. If you thought Tir Na Nog was full of hidden dangers, wait till you read about a ferry sliding through the River of Dreams or, even worse, Phaed, a city where everyone seems to forget the purpose of their existence in just one night.

It is impossible to write more about their quest without including spoilers for the previous book. Despite my many problems with The Iron Knight, it was still extremely fun and I'm happy Kagawa decided to write it. I'm not so sure about the spin-off trilogy, though. View all 14 comments.

Sep 18, Penny rated it did not like it Shelves: y-read-young-adults-fantasy , reviewed. DNF I just don't care about anything that happens here. I am not interested in the story and characters. I am very disappointed with this series, everyone seems to love these books but I can't bring myself to care for this story. Although, to be fare, I must admit that the fey has never been a favorite fantasy topic for me, unlike vampires, who are my number one fantasy beings.

Despite being left unmoved by the Iron Fey series, Julie Kagawa's Blood of Eden series is still one of my favorite young-adult fantasy series of all time, thus, I am not giving up on this author. View all 4 comments. Feb 01, nico rated it it was amazing. I can only hope that this will put my heart at ease.

After the iron queen, my heart felt shattered. I hope beyond hope that this ends up being ash and puck, their journey to find grim and hopefully mend the frayed fabric that was ash and meghan. You know that feeling you get when you finish the last book in a beloved series? Like a good friend just moved away? One minute I was laughing at Puck's jokes, the next I was dying inside because I felt so sorry for Ash. Puck and Ash are my favorite characters in this series. I love, love, LOVE their best-friends-turned-enemies relationship.

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It developed perfectly throughout this book. It got to the part where I actually felt sad about the loss of their once good friendship. And then you get to watch them grow closer again in this book. What really bugged me was the whole I-love-you-Ariella,-if-I-hadn't-made-that-promise-to-Meghan-I-don't-know-what-I'd-do thing. Sorry, Ari. I'm biased here. But luckily, Ash eventually figured out that he wasn't in love with her anymore, so that ended well.

After that the crying started. That's when I really began feeling sorry for Ash. And when I say I felt sorry for him, what I mean is that I wanted to pull him out of that horrible book where terrible things kept happening to him, and just hug him and give him some chocolate and tell him that everything would be ok.