Save the Vampire Strippers Book One: The Dual Holes

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Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Using the terms Dhampir and Moroi the film draws on Eastern European and Russian myths, some of the places the mythologies were retained the longest. The story is set at a vampire school where Moroi are of pure bloodlines, while Dhampir are half-human and act to protect the Moroi. The Strigoi are vampires in the traditional sense, they have blood lust and seek death and power. Moroi also have control over the elements, are only slightly sensitive to light, but do still need blood to survive. The Dhampir have all the super strength, but no powers, but also no weakness to light. It crosses a number of modern concepts of the vampire with ancient mythology and a medieval caste system.

The trend of this period seemed to be of either the existential vampire, or a modern interpretation of ancient myths. For a hundred years vampires have stalked the silver screen, capturing audiences across the world. The vampire has been a monster, a gentleman, a lover, a tragic hero, a Satanist, a biker, a cheerleader, and a friend. It is a diverse creature that can be utilised in a myriad of ways to represent social, cultural and moral allegories, be a metaphor for death, greed, immorality, sex, and more.

A base need that should make them only monstrous, yet here we are at the end of one hundred years and still our fascination has not yet waned. Because always the vampire represents the taboo, the liminal, the dark temptation that titillates and terrifies — this is why the myths continue.

Gave me a few weird moments in front of the bathroom mirror until I realised that a mosquito had bitten me twice. Or the best film adaptations of it — like Dracula with Gary Oldman as the bloodsucker.

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Another great vampire story is Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu. I would also recommend the stories of the real Vlad Dracul and Elizabeth Bathory — guaranteed to keep you sleeping with the lights of for a fortnight at least. That is how the vampire should be presented. Soulless, sexless, dead and scary as hell. I bought it years ago but never got around to reading it. Have to love the various Hammer Dracula flicks too. I agree. Also, the film adaptation is pretty well done. Most of my favourite vampire films have already been mentioned in the article.

Nothing revolutionarily new about the vampire motif, but quite a nice film…. I thought that was a wasted concept, personally. Very disappointing. Straight-to-DVD fare that somehow got released …. My parents let me watch it cause it was a comedy… to them! I was terrified for weeks. That of Montague Summers.

A man who sincerely believed in the occult, including vampires, and took them seriously in a cynical age. He was a contemporary of Aleister Crowley, and if Crowley posed as a satanist Summers posed as a witch-finding undead-hunting Roman Catholic clergyman. A kind of Father Brown- Vampire Hunter. Whether or not he was actually a priest is uncertain. Best vampire film?

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

A Cuban adult-oriented animated film with trumpet performances by Arturo Sandoval. I vaguely remember having watched it ages ago. Great history of vampires. The Twilight crap looks so bloody dull! I have no time for the moping of a Mary Sue and her sullen stalker. Powers was inspired by the old Greek tradition of the lamia. He seems to have given up on fiction in favour of writing excellent factual history books, butall his scholarship is brilliantly used in his novels.

And what about George R. Fantastic book. What is life without vampires? Great rundown. An interesting take and a good addition to the genre. All wonderful inventions by Terry Pratchett. One thing that struck me about contemporary vampires, and I think the Cullens are a perfect example of this, is how often their stories revolve around the theme of abstinence — usually from blood-sucking but also often from sex as well.


The idea of the vampire going against his nature by not consuming humans keeps cropping up. The best stories play on this tension between the fantasy and the monstrosity but I felt in Twilight the de-fanging had gone too far. Honestly, the book started to feel like one long mantra — Bella is awkward, Edward is beautiful; Bella is awkward, Edward is beautiful, repeat ad infinitum! It is definitely tongue in cheek in the way it piles weirdness upon weirdness- a satire on the whole Gothic writing thing, and totally over the top.

Vampires are mythical creatures. An author can interpret them how they wish. What they represent has changed a great deal over time. They used to be a metaphor for plague. I suspect most people get annoyed by Twilight because Meyer took a horror trope and relocated it to teen romance. To be fair, horror had largely abandoned it. Then, I read the other three Twilight books within the same week. Talk about literary crack. The Twilight vampires, like so many of their contemporaries, seem to have been infected with an acute case of Dawsonitis and spend most of their time agonising over or apologising for their vampirism.

Before film, the vampire only really existed as words although there were more than enough words to give a very good description but words only do so much. The gaps are filled in by our imaginations. Which is one of the great things about reading books and listening to radio plays — i. In my own take on the vampire, The Darkness Beneath, the main protagonist is a female who lives in the London Underground. This is not the normal luxurious setting: it shows that we live in difficult times and have to cut our cloth accordingly.

What sort of beast will appear in a world ravaged by climate change, or a society dealing the collapse of capitalism, or both? I think it is great exemplification about the legend of the vampire in Cinemas. Anne Rice was important in the vampire novel world and the films I would say are too, not the greatest films of all time but definitely add something to the conversation.

Cinematic Vampires: From Shadows to Spotlight

I really loved reading this article on Cinematic Vampires, it was an interesting read that had me hooked from the beginning. An extremely thorough analysis. Fright Night, a vampire comedy, may also be worth a second look. Excellent overview of the cinematic history of the vampire! Also a great analysis of showing how the mythos of the vampire has changed overtime while still paying tribute to its origins. Really interesting read! I am always thrilled when I can find out more about them. R 94 min Drama, Mystery, Thriller. Two former exotic dancers devise a plot to expose a physciatrist as the murderer of their friend.

R 82 min Action, Thriller. Mitch and Carolyn run a bar that is not very financially stable.

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