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    PT Boat Engine Room Walk-through Tour of Higgins PT658 in Portland OR

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    A Father’s Service, PT | Tribute to Veterans

    B Pilots October 27, Paratrooper on D-Day August 29, Delivering the Soldiers on D-Day August 29, MB light machine guns are fitted into the mid-mounts. Finally, the boat has an aft-mounted. This weapon's position is vital: It can cover the boat crews as they escape from an overwhelming threat. We've just simulated a "hot extract," with the boat pushed up against a bank long enough for nonexistent passengers to scramble onboard. Other SOC-R teams provide covering fire--again, their targets disintegrate before I even have a chance to notice them.

    Chewing up entire swaths of riverfront property is a prelude to the getaway--our minifleet of SOC-Rs is on the run from the exfiltration site,.

    With a series of bangs, a wall of smoke suddenly fills the river behind us. This is another trick the SOC-R crews can employ as they exit a fight--firing smoke canisters from four rear-facing launchers. On the way back, the flotilla pauses for an all-out exhibition--all four boats decimate a broad stretch of riverbank. Red tracer rounds streak through the dust kicked up by preceding shots, some of which chop lines along the water's surface. With all boats firing, there are at least 12, rounds a minute coming at that bank.

    With this part of the exercise over, most of the SWCCs head back to their trailer house for a break, but one boat gets the job of helping us with a photo op. The SOC-R speeds past a few times as we watch from the river bank, showing off how quickly it can come to a full stop. The crew's last trick is a high-speed reverse: Everyone on board is cheering as the nimble craft whips its aft around degrees, throwing one SWCC off balance.

    He manages to hold on before hitting the water, and his crewmates quickly pull him back. When we make it back to land, Mike is eager--and amused--to see the footage; he was the one who almost went overboard. After ditching me and our photographer, the troop is getting ready to go out again.

    The sun has already slipped behind the tree line, but the crews still face a long session of overwhelming-firepower training ahead.

    Making of John F. Kennedy Biopic ‘PT 109’ Was Hardly Smooth Sailing

    Once it's dark, they will run maneuvers, firing thousands more live rounds while wearing night-vision goggles. After nearly 4 hours of daylight operations, the plan is to spend 8 to 12 more hours on the river. This is part of the final stretch of training before Mike's group of roughly 50 SWCCs deploys to Iraq--by early spring, they may already be there.

    He wishes me luck as we part, and walks back toward the boats. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Fast Moving Fields of Fire.

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    A live-fire exercise on Kentucky's Salt River offers a rare window into the secretive, dangerous world of the Pentagon's black-ops boat crews. There are no seats on the SOC-R, other than the boat captain's in the center. Other Naval Special-Warfare Boats.