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The aluminum rod produces 30 percent less current, and therefore generates less hydrogen gas while causing enough current to adequately protect the glass liner. Solution 2: Find the point of origin of the sulfate-reducing bacteria SRB , and eliminate it. SRB is most common in new-water supply pipes contaminated by soil during construction. The soil carrying the SRB eventually ends up as solids at the bottom of the water heater. A thorough flushing to remove the dirt, then a second flushing with a dash of chlorine, and finally a third flush — to clean — should do the trick.

Hydrogen gas without the presence of SRB will go unnoticed. SRB is not so easy to remove if your water company pumps the bacteria into your home along with the water.

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This will often be the case as increasingly water districts are reducing or ceasing their use of chlorine. Sulfate-reducing bacteria are devastated by chlorination, but will thrive otherwise. It is possible to inadvertently contaminate your own water supply by allowing sulfate-reducing bacteria — not to mention other more dangerous bugs — to enter your water system at your own property. Backwash could also result when a water main in your neighborhood is turned off while your garden hose is running in a muddy puddle.

Fiber SenSys makes a virtually undetectable system of fiber optic cables that can withstand extreme climates, radio jamming, magnetic interference, harsh chemicals and flooding. After it is hooked up to a fence, the Fiber SenSys equipment can sense the slightest motion by an intruder, alert guards and pinpoint any attempted breach. Air Force. Last November, the Pentagon put out the word it is interested in acquiring more high-tech surveillance equipment than it already had to help in the war on terrorism. That interest is turning into orders for equipment by the military, utilities, big companies and others.

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Much of the new security technology is coming from small companies that can quickly adapt the basic research of private inventors or universities to the market, said Ken Morse of the MIT Sloan School of Management. Morse said that as a result of Sept. Debra Logan, an analyst for the Gartner Group, said efforts to improve security will drive changes in computer data transmission and personal identification, beginning with government agencies and the military. In fact, says FLIR Systems spokesman Jim Fitzhenry, the war on terrorism has helped turned around the Portland-based company, which had been struggling.

FLIR has been selling the equipment to the military for years and it is probably being used by U. Whether it is the military, an oil company, a county courthouse or even homeowners, security is only going to get tighter, said Martin Roenigk, chief executive of CompuDyne, the Maryland-based parent company of Fiber SenSys.

Laurel Perga knows that loyal customers will keep coming to her hair salon in Billings, Mont. Kmart Corp. When the company filed for Chapter 11 on Jan.

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The closing stores were chosen based on several criteria, including profitability, age and the amount of local competition, Kmart said. Stores will close in mainly rural and suburban areas, but some urban stores also will close.

In South Sacramento, OnePrice! Fashions manager Yolanda Hernandez said many of her customers are from Kmart. Futterman and Associates. Although the Westwood Kmart is on the closings list, Jandron is optimistic.

Shopping Center World is a trade publication that focuses on retail real estate. He said although Kmart has merchandising problems, the company has often made sound real estate decisions. But Jody Brown, who manages a clothing store in Jacksonville, Ark. That might even help us. Sixteen of the Kmart stores in California will close, affecting 1, of the 18, people employed by Kmart in the state as of Jan.

The fate of City of Franklin school, the future of the African-American Studies Department and the quality of district budget figures all came up for debate at a Board of Education meeting Wednesday night, as the budget-cutting process continued to roil the community. But the superintendent has shifted her position in recent weeks, and Wednesday night, she presented two options for keeping the school open. Board members suggested they are split over which option to pursue.

Under one scenario, the K-6 school would remain open next year as a first to fifth grade school, on a reduced budget, during a one-year refurbishing of the building. The school would receive minimal funds during this time. Lawrence said the school is under-enrolled and the district cannot afford to allocate a full budget to the small school.

A second option would be to move students elsewhere during construction, and re-open the school in the fall of No matter which option the board chooses, the district will likely place another program or administrative offices alongside Franklin school in to make better use of the large building, which is currently underutilized. Board President Shirley Issel and Vice-President Joaquin Rivera said it is not realistic to keep the school open during construction on a shoestring budget.

But board member Terry Doran suggested that shutting down for the year would be disruptive both to Franklin and to the surrounding schools, which would absorb the redistributed students. Board member Ted Schultz, told the Daily Planet Thursday that he is remaining neutral while the superintendent gathers more information. Selawsky said some parents at Berkeley Arts Magnet, an elementary school housed in a small facility, have their eye on the Franklin building, further complicating the picture.

Selawsky said Franklin and Berkeley Arts Magnet may be able to co-exist in the same building. The schedule shift will reduce the number of electives available to students, including, quite possibly, African-American Studies courses.

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A parade of parents, students and community activists, including several Black Muslims dressed in suits and bow ties, spoke up for African-American Studies Wednesday night. Lawrence said there will be a reduction in electives, likely including art, music and African-American studies courses, among others.

But she emphasized that, contrary to prevalent rumors, no programs will be eliminated. But parents said the cuts in electives will have devastating effects on students. The district has put out conflicting messages about the cost savings associated with a shift to the six-period day.

Derick Miller, president of the Berkeley PTA Council, and a vocal opponent of the switch to a six-period day, challenged the board for making a decision without a solid sense for the cost-savings. These are questions people are beginning to ask the Bush administration as the body count continues to the multiply, daily, from the escalation of violence occurring in and around Israel and the Palestinian occupied territories.

Over the last week, Secretary of State Colin Powell has passed through the gauntlet of media press, advocating restraint on both sides, but when pressed, the secretary repeats the same administration line - blaming Palestinian President Yasser Arafat for the suicide bombings, when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has limited his effectiveness by placing him under house arrest. Both the United States and Israel knows that Arafat's power does not extend to militant elements of Hamas and Hezbollah, their growing power in the region spurred by the frustration of Palestinians want to achieve an equal accord with Israel now, not later.

Their frustration becomes magnified as all parties realized how close they actually came towards peace. During the Clinton administration, significant progress occurred because the U. Already, the cable news outlets have had a field day with the Gallop poll results released last week, showing that most respondents from the Muslim world had unfavorable opinions toward the U.

Special Forces stalemate around Gardez, Afghanistan, does not help to discount this view. Increasingly even mainstream media outlets with the exception of Fox News is asking for a more detailed road map in between resolve issues within the war on terror. With the rate of violence spiraling out of control, shots of the Afghan warfront are competing with video of Israeli soldiers invading the Palestinian refugee camps.

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Bad news for Sharon and Colin Powell. The latest being Wednesday when Arafat was receiving European Union Middle East envoy Miguel Angel Moratinos in an attempt to stimulate some positive dialogue against the rising tensions. Apparently former general Ariel Sharon would rather see the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in flames appeasing Israeli conservatives , than go to the negotiating table and give land for peace. However, it remains to be seen if the Secretary of State is willing to see more innocent Palestinian and Israeli civilians die in attacks and reprisals, without commenting that all-out war would be disastrous.

The United States cannot afford to lose its sphere of positive influence letting the burgeoning conflict spin out of control.

Regrettably, the reason why the Bush administration will step in this Mideast conflict will have less to do mending fences, rather it will be another example of the conservative agenda trying to reinstate the image of American imperialism at home and abroad. The only answer to the unending volley of violence is for Secretary of State Colin Powell to again start the United States down a path of mediation between Israel and Palestine, treating Palestine President Yasser Arafat with the same degree of respect as the Israeli Prime Minister.

Though it may ruffle the features conservatives and military hawks that view Arafat as a de-facto terrorist, the Palestinian people support him and he is their elected leader Would Ariel Sharon and President Bush prefer militant Hamas? To continue to disrespect and blame Arafat for the continued intifada, disrespects the Palestinian people, whose rights of self-determination and human decency continue to be eroded.

This option leaves many Palestinians with no choice but to fight. Israeli military, while attempting to crush the Palestinian insurrection, clumsily are making even innocent civilians into targets, as decrepit refugee camps turn into mini-war zones. With this scenario, only one thing is certain: further Israeli violence only helps Hamas, bringing war everlasting.

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All are welcome to both the reception at 6 p. Bike through the streets with glee to celebrate the ninth birthday of the monthly Berkeley Critical Mass ride. An evening of dialogue and discernment for men who are considering serving in the Roman Catholic church as a priest or brother. RSVP to Rev. Gary M. Luiz, Anita Roberts, founder of SafeTeen programs, is the featured guest. Four storytellers and a musician. Zigga zigga. Mike could see that Mixmaster DXT was rubbing a record back and forth under a needle, sending him and legion of other budding young hip hop DJs on the path to turntablism.

And sometimes the answers are the most interesting things. The answers always end up in the movie. Easy to do, hard to do well, scratching is the cosmic noise for the soundtrack of the hip hop world. Deeply grooved in the roots of funk, the DJ searches for his scratches in the breaks of his record collection. Pray found that to adequately tell the story of scratching he would have to include all the hip hop arts: breakdancing, graffiti, the MC and the D. At one point it was 45 minutes long," said Pray about trying to present the whole story in 90 minutes.