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It surprised him that he didn't want to. He liked how direct she was, how honest she was about her desire, and that only made it harder to resist her. Niall couldn't remember a single reason why he should resist. The firestorm raged at incendiary levels, blazing like a forest fire and obliterating every thought except Niall's need to possess the woman in his arms.


He burned and yearned, his body raged for satisfaction, and he couldn't think of a reason to delay. Rox slid her tongue between his teeth and made a low growl of pleasure that drove him crazy. He fell against the wall, caught her buttocks in his hands, and pulled her closer.

Then Thorolf cleared his throat from the top of the stairs. You did call. Thorolf grinned.


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It looks like you're doing just fine. The worst thing he could do was indulge the firestorm, think of his own pleasure, and forget the pledge he'd undertaken to eliminate the shadow dragons. He had a job to do and a duty to his fellow Pyr to fulfill it. Never mind his business and his clients.

He had responsibilities. One of them was a student who was simply not prepared to learn anything. Niall found his frustration with Thorolf coming to a simmer, aided no doubt by the firestorm's heat.

How could Thorolf stand there and razz him--without the distraction of a firestorm, Thorolf should have been aware of the danger to them all. It was just more proof that Thorolf wasn't really guarding Niall's back. As soon as Niall moved away from Rox and the firestorm's seductive glow, he could hear the instability of the damaged building. It was a threat not just to the two of them but to the survival of the human in their company. Thorolf leaned in the doorway, completely at ease.

It was the previous night's surprise attack by the shadow dragons all over again. Niall was too overextended to put up with laziness and indifference, with the refusal of Thorolf to use his inbred abilities. He caught a whiff of gas, knew Thorolf was completely oblivious, and realized he was finally going to lose his temper. Right in front of his mate. So much for the firestorm. That kiss nearly finished Rox. It was a hot kiss, precisely the kind of kiss a woman could expect from a dragon shape shifter.

It lit a torrential heat that left her shaking, set a desire burning within her unlike anything she'd ever felt before. Rox was not unfamiliar with lust or with the pleasure a body would experience, but this one kiss was a revelation. It left her toes curled. No, they were singed.

Smoking in her boots. But it wasn't just a hot kiss--it was a sweet kiss, too. The kiss was tinged with that protectiveness that made Rox forget everything she knew about who she was. She could be independent and self-reliant later--for the moment, she'd be Niall's willing lover. She couldn't resist Niall's kiss, or the feel of his muscled strength beneath her hands. Knowing what he was, what he could do, just made her burn a little hotter. Rox liked to keep life simple. When people came across opportunity, in Rox's world, they should do something about it.

Things changed. Chances came and went. Moments had to be seized when they presented themselves. There was a reason why she had a tattoo that said carpe diem. This spark might be well beyond the passion of anything she'd felt before, which only made her philosophy doubly true. Kissing Niall felt right because it was right.

And doing something about his appearance in her life, about the passion between them, was even more right. It was, in many ways, the opportunity she'd been waiting for. She'd locked her hands into his hair, loving the thick waves of his blond hair and how luxurious it felt in her fingers, and wrapped her legs around his waist. She'd been aware that his response was perfectly in tune with her own--he was as hard as a rock and holding her so tightly that there was no doubt their thoughts were as one.

Rox had deepened her kiss and rolled her hips against him, demanding everything he could give.

No matter what it might be. She was ready for anything Niall had to share. Of course, Thorolf had to show up right then. Rox could have decked him. Niall quickly put Rox down and averted his gaze. He seemed to be embarrassed, which didn't make Rox happy. She would never be embarrassed about a kiss that was so passionate and potent, regardless of who saw it. Especially Thorolf. Rox was incredulous, but he turned toward his apartment as if he'd forgotten her. Rox was jangled, her nerves singing, her skin tingling.

Checking backups would not have been the first item of interest on any to-do list she made in that moment. In fact, she checked out Niall's butt. It was as good as she'd expected, and his jeans were nice and tight across the seat. Baggy jeans, in Rox's opinion, were for men with baggy butts. Niall didn't have one of those.

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Every line of his body was taut and trim. Maybe he wasn't so L. Bean after all. His eyes were snapping with anger and Rox wondered why. Niall moved quickly toward his apartment door, the one she'd kicked. He was definitely ignoring her. He put his shoulder to the door and shoved, wincing at the way the door frame had angled. The door was jammed, open only an inch or two. All that could be seen inside was a cloud of swirling dust.

Niall looked upward and Rox followed his gaze, seeing the patches of sky visible through the roof. Then he slammed his shoulder into the door again. The door creaked and yawned wider as a cell phone rang. Niall didn't wait for Thorolf's help, simply ripping at the door and then kicking it out of its frame. It fell into the apartment, rousing another cloud of dust just as the cell phone rang again.

Rox took a deep breath, certain that the air was full of testosterone. Niall strode into the wreck of what must have been his apartment as he answered his ringing cell phone. He was moving quickly, with purpose, scanning the office for damage as he went.

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What was the hurry? She stepped over the threshold, checking out the damaged decor. Niall's was clearly both a work space and home, and she liked the exposed brick on the one wall. The decor had been simple and clean, before it was trashed. She liked his style--all good.

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Niall turned his back on her as he talked, but she sensed he was watching her. I don't know the extent of the damage yet. It just happened. The office is a wreck, though. He didn't swear but was so tightly controlled that Rox guessed he was livid.