Imagery and Visual Expression in Therapy (Emotions, Personality, and Psychotherapy)

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The first psychological laboratory. Isis, 41 2 , Humintell Izard, C. Emotions, personality, and psychotherapy. Harvey Scher. Rhawn Joseph. Carol Magai. Helen Block Lewis. Jerome L. William M. Ronald J. Michael F. Russell T. Jack George Thompson. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features.

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New Releases. Description This up-to-date summary of research in the field highlights the pivotal role that emotions play in personality formation and social behavior. The authors discuss this research in its historical context, placing current developments within the broader framework of the field's own research history, and that of developmental psychology in general.

Retrieved January 23, , from www. American Music Therapy Association. Music therapy makes a difference: What is music therapy? Retrieved January 22, , from www. Crenshaw, D. New York: Guilford Press. Estrella, K. Expressive therapy: An integrated arts approach. Malchiodi Ed.

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Knill, P. Principles and practice of expressive arts therapy : Towards a therapeutic aesthetics. London, UK: Jessica Kingsley. Malchiodi, C. Creative arts therapy approaches to attachment issues. Crenshaw Eds. National Association for Drama Therapy. Frequently asked questions about drama therapy: What is drama therapy? Webb, N. Play therapy with children in crisis: Individual, group, and family treatment 3rd ed. As someone who uses art and expressive therapy with adults and teens, I am always looking for ways to explain what we do and why it is equally effective with adults as it is with children.

While your article does not directly address the course of treatment through expressive therapy - the overview of approaches feel very applicable to adults. The trick in writing these types of articles is to have them fit all on one page which makes it more likely for the public to read them.