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To use the index and middle fingers to pull a thong out of a girl's pants.

CLAW 12222 – The third Crisis Management Workshop for the GÉANT Community

I wish I could claw Natalie, she's hot! Claw unknown. Yo your car is claw nolaw. Finger-banging a girl with a thumb in the butt and two fingers index and middle in the vagina.

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A sexual move similar to the shocker , but with an interesting twist. Make sure you go with one finger first and slowly work the second one in. I just gave her the claw , she was feeling a little crabby. Things that grow out of animals hands and feet to hurt you.

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If I had claws I could slice a pizza with my hands. And then I could eat the pizza.

It would be tasty. Claws unknown.

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Sharp, usually curved nails. Is made of keratin, which is found in skin and hair. Many carnivorous animals have claws that they use to kill prey.

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When people think of claws, most people think of cats due to their claws. Many fictional animals have claws too, such as dragons, chupacabras , and werewolves.

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Me: Whoa, look at those claws! You: Wow!! But maybe — just maybe — it could be worth holding off for a few weeks. Last year White Claw themselves released Halloween costumes, where instead of the shirt you could dress up as the literal can. Er, sorry — "Clawstumes. While White Claw is making its move on Halloween, it actually already went ahead and took over the holidays, too.

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In recent years, advent calendars in the U. While Give Them Beer, the company behind it, kept a lot of the brands under wraps to avoid advent calendar spoilers, among them are Truly, another popular hard seltzer brand, and, of course, White Claw.