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The BLU Life One X offers more than its competitors at a much lower price point, and raises the bar for what a budget device can be.

Blu Life One Review | Tom's Guide

With the year winding down, BLU, the Florida-based company known for their affordable devices, seems to have saved the best for last with their latest budget-friendly offering. Given the competition it faces, does this low-cost smartphone prove to be a compelling choice? Not a lot is expected from budget-friendly smartphones as far as design and build quality is concerned, but the BLU Life One X manages to pleasantly surprise.

The device features a frame made from a high-quality aluminium, that has been sand-blasted to create a sort of matte finish texture, and the back cover is made with a faux leather plastic that has been coated in a smooth paint layer. All of this not only results in the phone feeling great in the hand, but contributes positively to the handling experience as well. Taking a look around the device, the power button and volume rocker are found on the right side. The headphone jack and microUSB port are at the top and bottom respectively, and a single speaker unit can be found on the back.

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The display is sharp, with good color reproduction, allowing for a great media-consumption experience, and you will be hard-pressed to find a display of a similar quality and resolution when compared to other devices that are in this price category. Aiding the display experience is MiraVision, which includes a set of options you can choose between in the Settings.

The preset Standard and Vivid modes will be more than enough for most, but the ability to play around with the settings is a nice addition. This processing package is found with a few other similarly-priced smartphones as well, but while this is considered a low-end to mid-range setup, the performance it allows for is quite impressive, helped along with the availability of 2 GB of RAM and a near-stock software experience.

Loading applications is pretty fast, and switching between apps via the Recent Apps screen is also smooth and snappy. The device also comes with a standard suite of connectivity options, with the exception of NFC. The Life One X comes with a fairly large 2, mAh, which allows for a full day of use comfortably.

Unlike other budget-friendly devices, you can get some pretty heavy usage with the device, including gaming and taking a lot of pictures, and the Life One X managed around 4. The camera is another aspect that is mostly overlooked as far as affordable smartphones are concerned, but even that is something that has been slowly changing.

BLU Life One XL

The camera interface is very simplistic, and while there are some go-to features already on the viewfinder, some key features, like HDR, are tucked away in a menu. With there being no Auto HDR, you will have to dive into this menu every time you want to enable HDR, but it does work well for the most part. The camera is capable of taking some nice shots in good lighting conditions, and while the image may look a little soft and with subdued colors, most pictures look pretty decent. The factory settings reset or hard reset is a bit more radical alternative.

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This process will get rid of all your data of your BLU Life One X3 and you will get a cell phone as it is when it is created. You will need to save your principal files like your photos, emails, chat, movies, … on your own pc or on a hosting site like Google Drive, DropBox, … prior to starting the hard reset procedure of your BLU Life One X3. To get back all your document soon after the reset, you can conserve your data to your Google Account.

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