Atlanta Music Industry Connection: Artists, Producers, Managers

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Music industry events in Atlanta, GA

Christopher Leacock, better known as Jillionaire, is a music producer and entrepreneur. His brand grows in demand both in collaboration and in his own right - he has had multiple solo tour runs across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, and as an integral member of Major Lazer, he has worked with artists from Justin Bieber to Nicki Minaj. His Brooklyn-based label Feel Up Records continues to develop talent from across the Caribbean diaspora. Having recently re-entered the tech space, he has partnered with a Berlin-based team of artists, developers and scientists to work together on Endel - a mobile app that generates real-time personalized sound environments to enhance focus, relaxation, and sleep.

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LA Native. Very dry sense of humor.

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Synyster Gates is the lead guitarist and backing vocalist of the band Avenged Sevenfold. He ranks No. Your Magic Is Real.

Zaytoven Lists Steps To Independent Success In The Industry

Evans in Their album Shangri-La was followed by a string of singles and EPs, each showcasing a canny design sensibility. They returned in with Strawberry Moon, a pop polemic about online culture, animal rights, and failure. The band has released two full-length albums and are now working on the Infinite Singles Collection…. Singer, songwriter and visual artist, BOSCO is one of most influential artists to come out of Atlanta in recent time by continuously pushing the boundaries of Atlanta culture and music.

We believe our stats speak for themselves. Yes, but not directly.

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The Techstars Music Member Companies invest in Techstars, which in turn invests in the selected startups. Only Techstars entities appear on selected company cap tables, and we do not take controlling interests. But then you can go back home. The rest of these answers are on Techstars. We recommend you go HERE and read the whole thing.

Techstars Music just announced its third class of music-tech startups, which range from fast merch printers to interactive vid From AI replicating famous voices to digital music therapy, these are the compa Techstars Music has named international nine music tech startups to its class of The startups for this third edition of Digital LA is the largest networking organization based in LA, reaching more than 50, digital professionals weekly via our Techstars i This New Year, I resolved to be more consistent with my fitness regimen.

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The Mighty Vibe. This evening May 3 , 10 startup founders and CEOs will take the stage in front of d Ticketmaster's parent company, Live Nation, has acquired the facial recognition comp Ticketmaster has quietly revealed plans to use facial recognition technology in venues to facilitate admission to live shows a Ex-Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard imagines a world where fans can get into a concert or sporting event by showing just their faces.

He has built what he hopes will be Jay Z made headlines yesterday for his plans to launch a venture fund of his own, but he's not the only one marrying music and The best of the bunch tend to connect dots swiftly, make friends quickly, think outside the box without losing sight of the little things, and, above all else, maintain a degree of selflessness for those close to them.

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How to Find a Mentor in the Music Business |

Music managers exist to protect and nurture the business and creative interests of those they work with. Some managers are pluralists, covering lots of bases without blinking. Across the board, music managers and music management companies typically cover some mix of these responsibilities:. Sometimes, the same person helps a creator accomplish both goals, such as Drake and manager Oliver El-Khatib.

In other instances, new faces help move things forward. Once your collaborators and your release partner e. Music management companies sometimes offer their managers hybrid compensation salary-commission. Some artists, even some successful artists, self-manage.

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However, most rely on a partner that provides feedback, structure, and an extended network to support their creative pursuits. Other music managers require proof of concept, or prior success, before jumping in. Conversely, raw talent alone can convince a passionate friend or risk-tolerant industry vet to take their chances and invest their time.