A Whole New Ball Game (It Takes Two)

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Sackett with a little laugh as Coach shut the door. It was the same way when I was growing up around here. Everyone in Ashland pays attention to the Ashland Tigers. Alex was thrilled about decorating her new room. She grimaced and closed the box again. Beige is fine. Not when you have the opportunity to pick any color you want! How is it possible that Ava and I are sisters? I found this cool new home decor app called ColorSchemer. It has a built-in color wheel that lets you explore different shades and hues and combinations.

To be honest, Ava had missed having her sister with her during this first week in their new house. She had a neat bookcase, and her bed was always tidily made. On the wall above her bed, Alex had created a collage of carefully arranged pictures of movie stars, the latest fashions, and some of her favorite quotes from people like Eleanor Roosevelt and Maya Angelou.

Clothing had a tendency to trail out of dresser drawers. Stray socks found their way under the bed. And her wall had been adorned with sports posters. Alex hid her half every morning, neatly folded in her side-table drawer, in case someone should show up in their bedroom unannounced and tease her about it.

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Well, their separate rooms were just one more new thing to add to the list of stuff Ava would have to get used to, along with this new house, new school, new neighborhood, new town, new state. There were moments when she felt as bewildered as Moxy. What film are you going to watch, Daddy? Can I watch with you? Coach grinned at Alex. Never mind. Tommy sighed and got wearily to his feet.

Sixteen-year-old boys were scary creatures. Everything seemed to happen so suddenly. Alone with her mother in the room, Ava moved over to the window again and stared moodily outside. Sackett softly cleared her throat. I guess I miss my old room. And—my friends and stuff. Ava nodded and swallowed. Ava and Charlie had been inseparable since T-ball days. Their moms had met at a group for mothers of twins when all the kids were babies, and they had remained good friends.

But in the past year, things had been. Pass the ketchup, please. Want to have a catch? That kind of thing. Well, maybe it was his red hair. Redheaded people blushed easily.

It Takes Two

Ava looked at her in surprise. But, Ava reflected, it must be. Her mom had been really happy back where they used to live. A garden.

She missed her sister, too. She missed the way they used to hang out together, to take Moxy for walks together, to wash up at the side-by-side sinks in their old bathroom every night. Now they tended to go to bed at different times, and the new bathroom only had one sink. Alex was monopolizing it; she spent what seemed like hours in there with the door closed, experimenting with different hairstyles. Sackett said. When she was five, she had thrown a fit when their mom started buying a different brand of peanut butter.

Sackett joked. Later that evening, after another takeout dinner sitting on top of still-packed boxes, Ava stood at her windowsill, listening to the night outside. Here, everything sounded strange. She heard the steady, high-pitched drone of insects. A bird was calling wooo! Was it a huge moth? A bat?

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Wow, it feels weird to have to come say good night to you. Ava thought about telling Alex she missed sharing a room with her, but before she could put the right words together, Alex turned and went to spit out her toothpaste in the bathroom. Poor Moxy was so confused. Sackett had dragged the doggie bed out there for her. Ava climbed into her own bed. She was just drifting off to sleep when her phone vibrated.

It was Charlie. Hey, what up? All good in Texas? You wearing cowboy boots and a ten-gallon hat yet? But this time, as soon as we get to the open area with all the totems, we're hanging a hard left and ducking into the cave on the far wall. Head into the back of the cave and the large Vex portal in the distance will hum to life, and enemies will start spawning in. Nothing special, just a whole bunch of Vex. Keep killing them until a Minotaur boss spawns.

Kill it and it'll drop an Exotic Engram, but rather than Exotic, this Engram decrypts into the first step of the Divinity quest, aptly titled "What's this… What's this?

Now it's time to decrypt this item. For that, we're heading to Nessus to investigate three Lost Sectors. Once you get into the main, blue-lit room, look for a small chamber on the upper rim of the left wall.

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Head inside, activate the Oracle, kill the dudes that spawn, then activate the Oracle again. We'll do the same thing to the Oracles in the other two Lost Sectors. This Oracle is in a small cave on the left wall located roughly halfway through the Lost Sector. It's right around where the boss is, so you really can't miss it. The third Lost Sector is the Conflux in the Cistern. Zoom over there and head back to the main room with all the Cabal enemies in it.

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Look for a large bronze pillar on the right side, scale it, and use it as a foothold to reach another small chamber on the right wall. Now that this thing-a-mahoozit's been decrypted, it's time to juice it up. To do that, first you'll need to kill Vex anywhere in the game.